Super Package [-USD 595.00]

NGN 250,000.00
Product Descriptions

This package is for homes and outdoor areas and can take a maximum of 200 concurrent users browsing at the same time. Use Case: ‚Äč This can work in a home, 3 storey building, and also outdoor use cases. Estimated coverage range is approx. 75m radius + 300m+ Directional Coverage. A typical example is a market line. This can provide internet over market lines, Parks 300m+ length. Please note that the Transmission and Excellent Coverage for the Outdoor directional antenna is designed based on Line of sight, for the coverage area. The package consists of a 1 x 4G LTE Sim-Enabled Router, 1 x Access Point, 2 x 20m CAT 6LAN Cable, 1 x Outdoor Antenna, 3 x Power Backup

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This item is delivered within two weeks.

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